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historic estate, Masseria in Puglia or Sicily, Italy for sale ( Masseria storica vendesi / vendita ) -

we would like to mention an alternative below,
a Gentleman Farmer's lifestyle and a conservative investment in agriculture combined

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as real estate agent we offer rural estates in Uruguay

we have inserted the terms “masseria storica Puglia Sicily”, presuming that having used those search terms, it might interest you what we offer.

I personally bought a historic estancia in Uruguay in 2004. You may consider it the southern South American version of a Masseria (or of a historic cortijo in Andalucia). Indeed we started out in Puglia, Italy in the mid 1990s, searching for ahistoric masseria for sale. The idea to own a romantic mediterranian stately estate, with wrought iron, patios, old wells etc was with us for many years.

In the end we bought in Uruguay since to us it was the best combination of European Mediterranian culture (and architecture) and a more benign climate (wetter, greener) and of a better agricultural potential (by far), and at a much better price/value.
Some things have changed since we bought in 2004, most notably the price of land, which multiplied. Also, historic estates have become scarce.
Other aspects have not changed much, agriculture and ranching are still much more viable in Uruguay then in southern Europe. The climate is pleasant, so are the people.

As a downside, flights between Uruguay and Europe are long and expensive, and Uruguay is not as culturally rich as the Old World. The Espresso tastes the same as in Italy though, so does the uruguayan Parmesan cheese.


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136) historic estate, estancia maritima
Uruguay, 389 hectare

Estancia maritima Uruguay>

<A HREF=191) historic estate, estancia
Uruguay, 543 hectare
historic Estancia / Finca Uruguay>


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not a masseria
looks like a masseria in the Murgia / Puglia, but is indeed an estancia in Florida/Uruguay, Sarandí del Yi



Tannat in Uruguay
Uruguay, land of the Tannat